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NHL Lockout: Predators LW Sergei Kostitsyn Blasts America And Hopes NHL Lockout Cancels Season

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Sergei Kostitsyn will be lucky if we let him back into this country or the NHL after his comments seen in a Russian newspaper in regard to the current NHL Lockout and some of its’ proudest teams, cities and fans. It is safe to say that he may no longer be one of the more popular players in the league whenever hockey does resume if/when a new collective bargaining agreement is reached to lift the NHL Lockout.

To Kostitsyn, he proved he doesn’t care about the fans. Not North American fans, at least. Not NHL fans. Not even Nashville Predators fans.

“Let’s put it this way – it would be better [for the players] if the lockout continues,” Kostitsyn was quoted as saying on Monday. “Players want a definite answer. If the NHL season is lost – let it be that way. I would then play in Russia for the whole season.”

Yes, players would love an answer sooner rather than later. We all would. But to say that it would be better for the players in the NHL cancels the entire 2012-2013 season is axiomatic. I am positive that all players do not feel the way that Kostitsyn does. Not even close.

Kostitsyn wasn’t done ripping hockey in America. Bad enough he knocked the NHL and said we would be better off without it this year. He didn’t really have many positive things to say about this continent in general.

Kostitsyn signed with the Predators after coming over from the Montreal Canadiens following the 2010 season after beginning his rookie season with the Habs in the 2007-2008 season. He also said he hated life in North America and labelled Columbus “the gloomiest” city in the States.

I wonder how the Blue Jackets fans will respond the first few times Kostitsyn touches the puck when he plays in Columbus when the NHL does return to action? I would presume quite fittingly with a chorus of boos.

“I couldn’t get used to [American] mentality. They are totally different people from us,” said Kostitsyn.

I bet he has no problem accepting American money in his NHL contract with the Predators, however, as I am assuming that is not against his mentality. The fact that he recently signed a two year deal worth $6 million would lead me to believe that whenever the NHL Lockout does end, Kostitsyn will be on the first plane back to America to resume cashing his American checks.



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  2. HatTrick Dawg says:

    To me, there is only one sport, and that’s hockey. The lockout is killing me, I’m going through hockey withdrawal. BUT. I hope that when these greedy bass turds return to NHL ice, they return to empty stadiums and a chorus of boos from the fans that do show up. Neither the owners nor the players have my sympathy. The salaries the players are awarded are outrageous. If the players want a bigger cut, let them invest their money in their own team. Take the risk the other owners have taken. No guts, no glory. I’m sorry for the rant, but the NHL is out of control.

    • Randy Tatel says:

      you’re an idiot who has a right to demonstrate that publicly…the owners locked out the players…the owners make the offers, approve the contracts, and sign the checks…the owners have screwed the fans and i hate THEM…

    • HatTrick Dawg says:

      Idiot? OK. The players could have voted to accept the 50% split that was offered last week. So now the fans sit with no nightly entertainment, while those poor, underpaid players go earn another check in Europe. The players get richer, the owners don’t care and the fans get hosed… go pedal your wares someplace else, Randy. They are all too greedy and should be met with empty stadiums on their return.

  3. sportsbaron1 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Randy Tatel’s comments and I think Rob Kelley misses the point… The owners–BETTMAN IN PARTICULAR–are the assholes in this drama, not Kostitsyn (anti-cultural statements aside). This is the THIRD lockout hockey’s had under Butt-Head’s watch. That’s at least two too many in my opinion. He had no good reason to do that. It’s the owners–NOT Kostitsyn–who don’t give a rip about the fans, who never seem to understand their supremacy in situations like this. They bitch and moan about how unfair and unjust labor stoppages (in all sports) are, but then after the strike(s) are over they rush through the turnstiles in record numbers, buy more memorabilia and trinkets than ever, and re-affirm the owners’ suspicion that they’re as dumb and pliable as the players are. If the fans really ARE tired of this recurring stupidity, and really DON’T understand why a group of centi-millionaires can’t come to an agreement with the deci-millionaires who play for them, then they should STAY THE F**K away from the rinks and teach BOTH PARTIES a lasting lesson–GET IT?????????

    Santa Monica

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