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Welcome back to the Island: Why Jeff Carter with the Los Angeles Kings is a terrible idea

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Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are reunited at last.

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter will be able to rejoice once again.

From Philadelphia to Los Angeles — or 2,600 miles apart — two drinking buddies can rekindle the time lost while Mike Richards was shipped to the Kings while Carter was moved to Columbus.

With today’s blockbuster deal, there’s many questions if this was indeed the right move for Kings general manager Dean Lombardi.

Lombardi appeared to be in good standing at the start of the season with an impressive supporting cast of players. The wheels fell off, however, and a new bench boss was brought in.

Now, under pressure to keep the Kings at pace to make the playoffs, Lombardi may have gone about it the wrong way.

We’ve seen the dynamic between Carter and Richards last year. The team built around them — the Flyers — never left the ground.

Now, the Flyers are in tip-top shape, and the Kings are raking in the burden of these two youngsters who refuse to take part of “Dry Island.”

Drink up boys, you’re back together, and in L.A. no less. After this season, perhaps Lombardi will be needing a drink or two.



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